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 Welcome to the Milk Drunk Cookie Company's online cookie shop. 

Hi I am Natasha the founder of The Milk Drunk Cookie Company.  I created The Milk Drunk Cookie in 2021 when I was on maternity leave with my youngest. I noticed that the lactation cookies that were offered in the store had the same repetitive flavors. My thought was that moms like candy so let's switch it up a bit. That's when the idea of The Milk Drunk Cookie Company was born. I wanted to offer moms a freshly baked cookie with a variety of fun flavors. I have fun adding new flavors to the menu while keeping my fan favorites. 

 While the cookies have been created with moms in mind, everyone can eat these tasty treats .  Don't worry they won't cause non-nursing customers to lactate. 

The cookies are amazing cause not only are they a lactation cookie, they are also a gluten free cookie. Customers I met with gluten sensitivities are usually surprised that the cookies are so soft unlike the standard gluten free cookies. 

 Weather you are lactating or not.... Milk Drunk Cookies are always a delicious treat. 





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